All The Pretty Ponies Model Horse Show

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NAN Judging Criteria

Judging Guidelines

The following guidelines are to be followed in the judging of classes.



  1. Correctness of anatomy, biomechanics, conformation
  2. Breed standards including color that represents current (or historic with documentation) standards
  3. Overall appearance, finish, condition, workmanship
  4. Judge’s overall impression




  1. Rarity
  2. Age
  3. Condition
  4. Desirability
  5. Judge’s overall impression




  1. Quality and execution of finish work
  2. Accuracy/correctness/realism of customization (if applicable)
  3. Quality of prepping
  4. Accuracy and realism of color for realistic or creative use of color for non-realistic




  1. Model is correctly and safely executing a maneuver that is appropriate for the class (includes proper anatomy, biomechanics and suitability of model for event)
  2. Tack fit and suitability/correctness for event
  3. Accuracy of documentation, props (including dolls, if used) and horse in relation to event presented
  4. Condition of model