All The Pretty Ponies Model Horse Show

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Division Descriptions


If you put your horse in the wrong class, the judge may either 1) judge the horse anyway, 2) ask you to put the horse in the appropriate class, if that class has not yet been judged, or 3) disqualify your horse if the appropriate class has already been judged - it is the judge's discretion and the judge's decision is final!

OF BREYER - REGULAR CATALOG RUNS: are models that are available through the Breyer catalog either directly through Breyer or at local dealers. This does not include Flagship store special runs or models that are Breyer exclusives.  Horses that are molded in styrene, tenite, hard plastic, rubber, etc., and mass produced from a factory.  The model may be touched up as long as it is not noticeable, but may not be altered in any other way.  This division includes Breyer and any other OF Plastic model that is not a Stone Horse.  This division is for Traditional, Classic, and Little Bit sized models.

OF BREYER/OTHER SPECIAL RUNS: This division is for BreyerFest, JC Penny, Sears, web specials, Flagship store specials and any models available exclusively though Breyer to include, but not limited to Vintage Club, Premier Club, Collector's Club, and Connoisseur Models. Check the Breyer Model Horse Reference Guide or the Identify Your Breyer web site if you are not sure what division your model goes in.

VINTAGE OF BREYER: This division is for OF Breyers produced prior to 1980 and will be double judged for Collectability and Breed. Check the Breyer Model Horse Reference Guide or the Identify Your Breyer web site if you are not sure when your model was produced. Two cards are required for this division, one for Collectability and one for Breed. The judge may also require a card with information as to the age of the model.

OF STONE - REGULAR RUN OR SPECIAL RUN: Horses produced by the Stone Horse factory that was an edition of 25 pieces or more.  The model may be touched up as long as it is not noticeable, but may not be altered in any other way.  Stone Design A Horse (DAH) models show in this division.   This division includes all Traditional scale models as well as Pebbles.

OF STONE LIMITED RUN & OOAK:  This division is for horses produced by the Stone Horse factory this is part of a run of 24 pieces or less and includes all OOAK models.

MINI DIVISIONS:  For SM/Chips and Micro Mini scaled models only!  Any other scale must be shown in the regular division.  If you have a SM (or smaller) scale OF Plastic model that is neither a Breyer nor a Stone, you can show it with the OF Breyer minis – but make sure it is SM scale!  The judging ring for this division will be split into four or five quadrants, and the four or five classes in each group will be brought up at once.  That way, the judge can judge an entire group and name Champ and Reserve without anyone walking back and forth.

VINTAGE OF MINI BREYER: This division is for OF Mini G1 Stablemate Breyers that were produced prior to 1998 or when the G2 models came out. They can be any run, from Regular Run or Special Run from JC Penney or Sears. This division will be double judged on Collectability and Breed; 2 cards are required per model. If not sure when your model was produced, refer to the Breyer Model Horse Guide or the Identify Your Breyer web site.

** Exception #1 – Schleich and Safari models will be allowed to show in the OF Breyer Mini Division, so long as they are under 4” tall at the ears**

CUSTOM: Anything that was once produced in a factory and has been altered by someone outside of the factory.  This includes all modifications done to OF mass produced bodies like Breyer, Stone (plastic and resin), HR, Hartland, BHR, Starlite, etc., from a simple repaint to an extreme custom.  Cold-painted mass produced Chinas show here.  This division is for Traditional, Classic, and Little Bit sized models.

OF CHINA: This division includes any model horse which was mass produced in a factory and is made of china, porcelain, earthenware, stoneware, cold cast porcelain, or any other china-like or resin-like material.  As long as it was mass-produced in a factory and has not been repainted or altered in any way, it belongs here.

CG CHINA:  Chinas that have been customized by glazing and firing --NOT cold-painting.  This includes models that were custom ordered from a factory (like Horsing Around) or custom glazed by individual artists.  Classes will be split as needed.


*** Note: Cold-Cast Porcelain is actually a resin, where porcelain dust is added to the resin.  It is NOT fired, which is why it is called "cold cast."  So, any OF model made of cold-cast porcelain is actually an OF Resin.  Breyer has made cold-cast porcelain pieces as well as true, fired porcelain pieces. ***

ARTIST RESIN: This division includes all Artist Resins and Original Sculptures. Customized Artist Resins also go in this division.  This division is for Traditional, Classic, and Little Bit/ Curio sized models.

PERFORMANCE:  OF Performance classes include any OF models - plastic, china, or resin.  CM/AR Performance includes Artist Resin and any other customized or custom glazed model (plastic, china, or resin).  For Harness classes, vehicle not required.  Obstacle required in over fences classes, and animal required in Stockwork classes.


LIGHT = Arabs, Part-Arabs, Morgans, Part-Morgans, NSH (unless have     documentation that your NSH is gaited)

SPORT = TB, STB, all Warmbloods, all Carriage breeds

SPANISH/GAITED = Andalusians, Lippizans, Peruvian Paso, Paso Fino, ASB, TWH, MFT, Spotted Saddle Horses, Rocky and KY Mountain

Saddle Horses, etc.

STOCK = QH, Paint, Appy, Colorado Rangerbred, all Mustangs

DRAFT = All draft breeds

PONY = All Pony breeds, as well as Fjords and Icelandics

OTHER = anything else, including Longears, Exotics, and mixed breeds

In the case of the OF China foals, use the Light, Stock, Draft, and Pony guides above, put everything else in Other, and we will split Other as needed.

*If you have any questions about where your model belongs, please ask!

Junior/Novice Division

This division is for first time/beginning and junior model showers. This is a non-NAN division.

Definition of Novice Shower:

  1. A person who has never shown before
  2. A person who has shown before but has never received a Champion or Reserve Champion in a NAN division

Definition of a Junior Shower:

  1. A shower 12 yrs old and younger, must be accompanied by an adult

This division will be run during the regular show hours at a separate table. Placing 1st to 6th, as well as a Champion and Reserve. There will judge’s feedback for each class as well as the opportunity to speak with the judge as well as a class where the exhibitors are the judges.

Showers have the option to show in the NAN classes if they feel ready.  .

Junior/Novice Division-Non-NAN*

(Limit 3 per class per entrant)

1 Foal All Types

2 Light Breeds All Types/Cross

3 Sport Type/Cross

4 Spanish/Gaited Type/Cross

5 Stock Type/Cross

6 Draft Types/Cross

7 Pony Type/Cross

Champion/Reserve Breed

8 English Performance

9 Western Performance

10 Other Performance

Champion/Reserve Performance

*Classes will be split if enough entrants