All The Pretty Ponies Model Horse Show

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We are full.  Entries are being taken if you bring your own table. Contact me first.

Proceeds of the Raffle go to the Retirement Home for Horses at Mill Creek Farm in Alachua, FL. Visit there website at

During Lunch we will have a special fun class to honor your favorite retired horse at the Retirement Home for Horses

Old Oak Farm


All The Pretty Ponies Model Horse Show

February 2, 2019

American Legion, Newberry, Florida

All the Pretty Ponies is officially a part of the Breyer Benefit Model program. One lucky shower will go home with Weston, a black Appaloosa in the Adios mold.

All The Pretty Ponies Model Horse Show

February 2, 2019

American Legion, 26821 W Newberry Road, Newberry, FL 32669

Contact information: Donna Arteaga (oldoakfarm[email protected])

(352) 472-2672 Home



Doors will open at 7:00 AM, judging will begin at 8:30


NAMHSA Approved

Congratulations! Your show, All The Pretty Ponies Model Horse Show, is now NAMHSA approved. You may now publicly advertise your show as being a NAN qualifier.  NAMHSA approved, any equid or eligible Fantasy equid (unicorns and pegasi, or a combination of the two, only) that wins a first or second place in any open class will receive a NAN card which will qualify that model for NAN 2019-2022.





** Please do not touch a model without the owner's specific permission. If you break it, you will be responsible for reimbursing the model's owner for its full value. There will be no loud music, smoking, alcoholic beverages, uncontrolled pets, uncontrolled children, bad sportsmanship, or unruly behavior allowed in the show hall during the show. Do not disturb the judges while they are judging (but you can feel free to ask questions after the class is judged or before judging begins). Children must be accompanied by a parent or responsible adult at all times. No running in the show hall. Any violations of these rules are grounds to ask an entrant to leave.  BY SENDING IN AN ENTRY FEE, YOU AGREE THAT YOU AND ALL OF YOUR GUESTS WILL HOLD ALL SHOW HOLDERS AS WELL AS THE AMERICAN LEGION HARMLESS FOR ANY INJURY TO YOU, YOUR GUESTS, YOUR PROPERTY, AND YOUR GUEST'S PROPERTY, WHETHER REAL OR IMAGINED**



OF Breyer - 

OF Stone - Marcy Myers

OF Stone/Breyer Mini - Taylor Joplin

Custom - Julie Harris

Artist Resin – Jill Aman

China - Jill Wright

Performance Sarah Hampson

Kids/Novice – Donna Arteaga


The show holder reserve the right to replace a judge in the event the judge cannot attend, as well as add a judge, if necessary to finish the show. Attendees will be notified if time allows.  If a judge has a horse customized by them in a division they are judging, another judge will step in and judge that particular class.


JUDGES DECISIONS ARE FINAL! Arguing with a judge will not be tolerated



All Halter and Performance classes – (3) three models per shower per class

China – no limit


If you wish to enter more than the limit in any class, we will allow you to do for and extra fee of $1 per model. Just place $1 cash (bills or change) next to your models which are over the limit.

There will be three minutes allowed between halter classes, and seven minutes between performance classes.  Classes may be split or combined at the judge's discretion.  Models that are unstable may be laid flat with the understanding that the judge is allowed to pick up the model to inspect the other side.

Open Division Class List

 Kids Division Class List


Flats 1-6th place

Flats to each Division Champion and Reserve

Medals to Overall Champion and Reserve Champion



We will be using 3 x 5 cards instead of tags.  Please see the "All About ID Cards" paragraph below for full information.


All About ID Cards

At this show, we will be using 3 x 5 cards instead of leg tags for your models.  You are welcome to still tag your models for identification purposes, if desired.  It is strongly recommended that you tag your OF Plastic models, as there may be several of the same model on the judging table at the same time!


The ID card system is the easiest for the judges and show holder and still be able to provide full results to the entrants.


Here are some tips for the card system.


For each model, the entrant will provide an index card with the class number and name, model's name, model's breed, and model's gender on the front, and the entrant's name on the back; this is so the judge doesn't have to write anything down - they just write the placing on the card, and collect the cards of the models that placed in the class.  The show holders will then type the results from these cards.


A card is needed every time there is a potential for the model to get a placing.  When each breed section has been judged in each division, the first and second place horses will be called back for Champion and Reserve Champion judge-off.  At this time, your model will need another card with the model's name on the front and your name on the back.


You can hand write your cards (legibly please), but it is preferred you print your labels using a computer or typewriter (if they still exist). When doing results it is often very difficult to decipher hand writing, which could result in incorrect results. Print out labels using a computer with all of the information on the label.  Then, you just need to put the label on a card, put your name on the back of the card, and you're done!  Some people will also print smaller labels with their name on them for the back of the card or use an address labels.  Another option is to buy a stamper (with the automatic ink pad) with just your name on the stamp, and then stamp your name on the backs of your cards.


It is not necessary that the ID cards be 3x5!  You can use the a Avery label template, print the page out on regular paper, and then cut the page into 3” x 5” rectangles,  no labels or cards involved.  You can even have one of the above templates with just your name in each rectangle.


Print the page with the model's ID card information on one side, turn the page over, and then print the page with just your name in all of the rectangles on the other side of the page.  Then, cut the page into "cards" - the model information will be on the front and your name on the back.


Or, you can also buy those perforated business card sheets and print your ID cards using those.  Just so long as the ID card is big enough to be legible and not get lost, it's fine!


PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE double and triple check your cards to make sure your name is on the back! If your horse wins a first or second and I don't have an owner's name for the results, your NAN cards will be INVALID! You will be unable to use the cards for NAN entry and Merit Awards! **




The American Legion allows folks to bring in food and drinks.  We will also have the use of the kitchen area, including a refrigerator (but NOT the stove).  You are welcome to put food and drinks in the refrigerator, but, please be mindful of the space constraints, please label what is yours, and please do not take anything that is not yours!


**There is NO SMOKING allowed anywhere in the building. Anyone caught smoking could cause us to be asked to leave the building. **


 We do have to clean the hall up once the show is over, so, please, try to be neat, put your garbage in the garbage cans, and clean up any messes you make.


We will have snacks available throughout the day.  You will be responsible for your own drinks and lunch  There is tap water in the kitchen. There are several restaurants near the show hall including Mexican, Chinese, pizza, and BBQ.


The American Legion has folding metal chairs for seating. Feel free to bring your own chair if you have one that is more comfortable.


NO dogs allowed in the show hall.



We will break for lunch for approximately one hour as close to noon as possible.  You will be responsible for you own lunch. We will also be having an ice cream cake that is included in your entry.  You are welcome to bring your own lunch, and there are numerous restaurants near the show hall.  


****Important – we will not be providing coffee! There is a Kangaroo approximately one mile from the show hall as well as Hardees.


FRIDAY, February 1, 2019

We have to do our own setup and tear down at this location.  I will be in the show hall on Friday, March 23, starting at approximately 1 PM for set up.  Anyone who would like to come and help set up, we would greatly appreciate it!


You can also come and set up your table stands, if you like. The building will be locked overnight, but the show holders and American Legion will not be liable for any losses.




Full Table $50

Proxy Fee $25 unlimited or $3 per horse

Extra Table Fee $25

Kids Division $30

Open Division Entry Form

Kids Division Entry Form

Each entrant will have an 8’ x 2 ½’ table. Kids Division will have a 6' x 2 1/2" table.

*If 2 people want to share a table, your combined entry fee will be the same as the full table rate.

Payment can be made by check or money order, made out to Donna Arteaga. There is a $50 fee for any check returned for insufficient funds.


Send payment to and entry to:

Donna Arteaga

5704 NW 204th Street

Alachua, FL 33615

[email protected]


Paypal: Please contact me first.



Choose your table ahead of time by checking the floor plans and available tables here:  Floor Plan


Due to the size of the show hall, entries will be capped at 23. If there is space, entries will be accepted. We sold out last year, so please get your entries in early.



Open Division: You will receive a 100% refund if your slot can be filled. 

There will be no refunds if you are asked to leave due to violation of any rules or if you are a no show.  All other refunds will be at the discretion of the show holder.

Open Division Results

All the Pretty Ponies Mini Show August 12, 2017

Kids/Novice Division Results

All the Pretty Ponies Mini Show August 12, 2017

Congratulation Susan C in your winning Reno 2017 Breyer Live Show Benefit Model

2016 Live Show Benefit Program

Jackie Moore wins Chase

2015 Winner of Razzmatazz

Madelyn Hinman

2015 Winner of glossy Amelia

Olivia Mojica

Kids Division Winners-2015